There seem to be many takes on humility from many viewpoints. This doesn’t necessarily mean that any; or all but one; are wrong – just that people with different needs have each found the appropriate aspect to manifest this thing called “humility”

For instance, a search on root words of humility leads one to a secure ground level where a foundation can rest solidly. How many people, sometimes including myself, have built their ideas on foundations which are metaphorically, “up in the air”? Sure this can give me a head start on gaining an impressive height in presentatio of the structure of my egotistical idea – that is until it comes tumbling down.

At a discussion which I attended last night there was one person who said that he had looked through sources, such as dictionaries, until he found a definition which suited his requirements by describing it as knowing one’s weaknesses. When my turn came I commented that, for me, it’s about admitting that I don’t know whatever it is I don’t know. For me an intellectual approach is important and, if I have gained someone’s trust, I do not wish to abuse that trust by stating an erroneous (or imcomplete) understanding of anything because; no matter how well I do my thinking; sooner or later my “almost complete” research will sooner or later be wrong.

Also, if I pretend to know then a desire to defend the pretended knowledge leads me to actions which distract me to coming to a more valuable conclusion.

The betrayal of trust, as stated, would surely interfere with others’ learning experiences and; the second flaw stated would surely block my further progress toward a greater understanding. Both interfering with someone elses growth and; interfering with my own growth; seem like prime candidates for evil.

Furthermore, if I perceive someone else proceeding in a way that appears imperfect to me I find that I can help by listening so that, if they are wending along a sometimes good path and reach a solution that I find correct and conclusive I feel that I have done good by acknowledging their initiative and by being “humble” enough to stay out of their way.

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