A few thoughts which are not conclusions, but feel more like a speculation.
Whatever our language there tends to be flaws that lend themselves to manipulation and, if we seek to be as reasonable as we can while seeking to improve our reasonable approach – especially in communication, we may well tend to expect other people to also be reasonable. Or, for both of us to be reasonably reasonable; adding alliteration.
Someone who has an inherent love of truth within themselves will tend to foster that love; and its manifestation of accuracy; into a more accurate and meaningful state.
However, we can be setting ourselves up for trouble if we expect all people to be as reasonable, or as truth loving, as they can. Even if they do truly love the truth they may have encountered (and experienced) that paraphrase of, “the truth shall make us free” Namely, “the truth shall make us free, but first it will make us angry” Angry at having pre-conceived notions upset or, more to the point, having to sort out which are pre-conceived notions which need correcting, which are pre-conceived notions that are ok except for maybe a little tweaking and … what are things that have withstood (or will withstand) the scrutiny of “measure twice – cut once” which is so popular in construction.
I have heard this concept attacked as an example of low self esteem that’s based on uncertainty but, this attack helped me to see how some; who claim to love truth; will pretend to be reasonable until they get a chance to put a metaphorical knife in the back, such as attacking this means of scrutinizing to insure that the process (of discovery) wasn’t rushed in a way that could lead to flaws.
Unreasonable behaviour can also be condescending, especially when accompanied with a falsely sympathetic smile and an assurance that the perpetrator wants to “help”
I once called this sort of thing “subtle brutality”, on a facebook page, and somebody responded that brutality is not subtle. Self felt like responding that this negates the pain (possibly suppressed to where it will further the injury) of one who has been inflicted with the “smile in the face and the knife in the back” However it was on someone else’s timeline so I resisted the urge to so respond.
I’ve found that my opponents have been some of my best teachers in finding truth, once I realized that not everyone is going to be reasonable about such things as a true definition (not just knowledge of) good and evil.

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