Pointing Outwards

There’s an old saying that; if I were to point the finger (usually of negativity) toward some one else then, I would have four pointing back to me.

Leaves me wondering if, when I criticize another person, I am really dodging looking at the same thing in myself. Sort of telling every one (including myself) to “Look over there, that’s where the problem is. Don’t look for the same thing in me.” Part of my motivation may be to try to keep the third parties from seeing the same (supposed) problem within myself and, to quiet the voice of emotional healing which is trying to get me to resolve the problem, partially by trying to convince those third parties to validate my retreat in fear from facing the emotional pain that caused the problem to suppressed in the first place.

Another part of the motivation (probably much, much lesser) could be to defend against some manipulator who uses head games. This, I suppose, would likely include the first motivation as part of its source.

Then: when I’m in this mode and see someone do-ing something relating to the old emotional better than what I can, or taking it to a higher level than I know; instead of being inspired I would likely attack it with distortions; such as, but not limited to, “So, you think that you know better than me, eh?” Even if both of us has virtues and abilities which the other doesn’t and should be sharing with mutual respect.

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