What’s one person’s medicine is another’s poison, or so a saying goes. As a matter of fact, a source word “pharmaco” is defined by the online Etymology Dictionary as a word-forming element meaning “drug, medicine,” also “poison,” from Latinized form of Greek pharmako-, comb. form of pharmakon “drug, poison”
Recalls for me a time when I was visiting a village; on an island; where there were no medical facilities. If medical help was needed an ambulance would be dispatched to the ferry terminal that serviced the island – and would eventually get there.
I was a member of a group that was holding a pot luck dinner there so, I asked if any of the foods contained soy-derived ingredients and, was assured that there was no soy in anything which was there.
I commented that this was a good thing because I was extremely allergic and, that if I ate any soy my throat would swell up and someone would have to do and emergency tracheostomy or I would choke to death.
A number of people immediately warned me of a few foods there which I should not eat.
This seems to be a combination of stereotypical prejudice and of insufficient data. I represented a construction sub group and may have been pre-judged (hence prejudice) as being a macho meat lover who would shun soy as a substitute for meat.
The insufficient data could have been about not finding out why I didn’t want soy.
Social interactions, and the standards involved, sometimes have metaphorical “pot lucks” that use a “one size fits all”.
Fits all what?

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