Insufficient Data; Humble or Not

Is it ever appropriate to come to a conclusion on “insufficient data”?
What if action must be taken NOW? Then a secondary decision temporarily over rides the final conclusion which can only be formed properly with sufficient data and, with time and care in dealing with the data.
The secondary decision; whether to act what the incomplete data indicates when based on short notice to form a conclusion with that incomplete data.
What I ask myself, at the time, will it do more harm than good. Of course, when data is incomplete how can I know if the tentative conclusion will do more harm than good?
Then decide on a probability of what seems best and take the chance.
However; if there is time to gather (inductive logic) and to sift as one discards the irrelevant (deductive logic); then declaring insufficient data when there’s a need to gather more information.
Seems like, don’t put me on a pedestal because I know how to use humility as a strength by making sure – really really sure.

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